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Michael Bazzell – website, Privacy, Security and OSINT podcast, Undredacted Magazine forum


Udemy Academy

Naomi Brockwell  – excellent resource for de-Googled phones if you live in Australia

TechCrunch (very technical site for custom phone ROMs)

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Bones Tech Garage Telegram channel ( ) Telegram channel ( )

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Privacy, Security and OSINT (Michael Bazzell)

The Watchman Privacy podcast / book

Darknet Diaries podcast

Surveillance Report podcast (Techlore / The New Oil)

The New Oil podcast

Joshua Sheets / Radical Personal Finance podcast

Opt Out Privacy podcast (appears to have ended)


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Paul’s Security Weekly

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Destination Linux




FLOSS Weekly


Open Source Security Podcast

LinuxGameCast & LWDWednesday

Ubuntu Podcast

Linux User Space

Linux for the Rest of Us

Full Circle

Linux Unplugged

Ubuntu Security Podcast

The Linux Link Tech Show

Linux for Everyone

Naked Security Podcast

InfoSec Overnights

Binary Times

Distro Hoppers Digest

Linux Headlines


Youtube/Odysee Video Channels


Rob Braxman Tech

Network Chuck

Naomi Brockwell


David Bombal

LearnLinuxTV channel



Forrest Knight

The Linux Experiment

Louis Rossman

Switched to Linux

The Hated One

Samy Kamkar

Bright Insite

eBuzz Central

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