Google’s behavior is evil. Let’s learn why I make such a bold statement of opinion. But it’s not just Google, it’s Fakebook, Yahoo, Micro$haft, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, etc etc… even Pinterest and older stuff like AOL have given direct server level access to the US government (PRISM program) / (Upstream) and some other private companies to exploit our data. These big tech companies capture, save, use and sell our data. Let’s read and watch the content below to figure out WHAT is happening, and how we can take action to maximize our privacy from these abusive, prying eyes. Also important, is to recognize how we are funneled into information silos based on our online activity.

This page is dedicated to explaining just how and why we despise this company’s behavior in past years, and no doubt the years going forward without radical shifting of the paradigm. The only change they will respond to is lack of customers. Be a leader and help become a former customer! Customer is a misnomer actually here, since Gmail is free, that means we are the products. Deprive them of your data and starve their bottom line by using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) instead of Google. Don’t be evil….

Export your Gmail account emails and then delete your Gmail, close any Google accounts or services, shut them out of your life if you value… well… life! Google is made up of some great people, and some very not-so-great people collectively doing bad things to us as Americans, and who knows how many other people globally. I encourage you to empower yourself with good-to-have knowledge by viewing the videos below. They are certainly eye opening to say the least.


What is Google doing to your search results??


Wait, it gets worse??


More detailed video explaining this by Truthstream Media:


Rob Braxman has some extremely useful information that everyone should know:


Do you have your email, contacts and pictures at the mercy of Google?

This father did, and had his life turned upside down.

And he’s not alone, he is but one of many with similar painful stories:


It gets worse. Take a look at Google’s real time phone tracking, even in Airplane Mode without a SIM card:



How much does Google influence elections?

Dr Robert Epstein- Google is influencing the midterm elections using ephemeral experiences

Google is sending these candidates Get Out The Vote emails to spam


Dr Robert Epstein talks about Google’s ‘Search Engine Manipulation Effect’ here:


Have you tried searching for terms like, ‘election fra…’ ?

Stop using Google-How to get Google out of your life here


Whistleblower Zach Vorhies exposes Google from the inside – it’s as bad as you think


Zach Vorhies interview by Project Veritas on Google’s bad behavior:



Google is censoring people’s Google Drive files. Is this policy any way to conduct business?


The list goes on, I think you get the point.


Instead of Google, consider switching to de-Googled phones, switching to other email such as Proton Mail, and other cloud hosts such as Mega, Skiff, Zoho or even hosting your own cloud using something like Nextcloud. There are many alternatives to big tech, explore this site for how to transition your digital life back to where you control your data. All of this won’t happen at once, but take it in bite sized chunks day by day, and reach out to us if you want help with any of these alternative options.

Email alternatives:

Proton Mail, StartMail, Fastmail, Tutanota 

(See our Email Strategies page to learn more)

Cloud Storage alternatives:

Proton Drive




Spider Oak

(See our Cloud Storage page to learn more)

Search Engine alternatives:

Tor (The Onion Router)

Startpage (spoofs Google search)

Brave Browser/search engine


(see our page on Browsers and Search Engines here

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