Yes, you need Standard Notes in your life.

An excellent way to sync your notes across all of your devices for free, with robust End to End Encryption (E2EE) to keep your data safe. Standard Notes does not possess the private encryption key, meaning even they do not have the ability to de-crypt your data at any point, only you. Extremely easy to install and use, simply create a free account and begin using your new notes app right away. Download on any platform-Android, iPhone, macOS, Linux and Windows, or try the Web based version.

Standard Notes does offer several paid tiers as well to unlock a ton of other features, but the free version is quite generous.

The free version provides simple note taking ability with easily organized folders of note taking fields, the paid versions unlock a ton of other features:

Pricing for the paid versions:

Test out a live demo interactive example of Standard Notes to see for yourself at a glance what it’s like, click the link or picture below:


The Watchman Privacy podcast does an excellent interview with Mo from Standard Notes. They deep dive into how it works, including the excellent encryption and other features, as well as general privacy concerns with data storage and use. You can visit his page here, or listen directly in browser:

Another great interview discussing Standard Notes on the podcast Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons available here:

Give Standard Notes a try, I can just about bet you’ll be a big fan right away. This app has helped organize my life quite well with just the free version, I can quickly copy/paste links and other information from any of my devices, and quickly access them from any other device to always have my info at my fingertips.

While this may not seem like anything new or exciting in this day and age, the reason I like Standard Notes so much is the rock solid privacy and encryption offered, even at the free tier. It stands in stark contrast to the big tech options, that track your behavior while using their similar products, and scan all of your information to do who knows what with. Lock them out by using Standard Notes.

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