Linux Distributions to Download and Use, start here to see what Linux looks like

Ditch Microsoft Windows and Apple and start using a better Operating System, one that puts you in control of your device instead. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is the best kind, with FOSS we can view the source code to ensure nothing nefarious or unwanted is happening, vs. Windows and Apple closed source black box ecosystems where you are the product. Closed source means that we cannot know what code is running, which could be anything. Silicone Valley has lost our trust forever due to just the handful of abusive code and practices that we’ve discovered. Take back control and lock them out, and the best part? It’s FREE. Never pay licensing or subscription fees again. It’s free as in freedom.

Check out this excellent short article explaining what Linux is:

Much more to come…. please check back soon for new additions, many more projects to come soon. Head on over to our Rumble channel to learn how to get started with Linux Operating Systems:

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For a primer on why and how to switch to Linux as your daily driver Operating System (OS), view our white paper, chapter ‘Public Enemy #2: Computers’ here:

Privacy and Information Toolkit 22.09


While Linux can be installed on most computers, we really like System76 machines. While the cost may be a little higher at initial glance, they only use newer, faster components to give you a better experience and future proof your device. Any comparable device with similar specs is right on par for cost. They make laptops, desktops and mini PC’s as well as large server grade machines. Recommended Operating Systems for use with System76 include Pop!OS, Ubuntu or Fedora for best results. Other OS’s will likely work, but these were designed around using those Operating Systems.


Visit our Resources and Links main page to learn more than just Linux, explore tons of free content by myself and many others:


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Linux commands cheat sheets:

Get started on how to install and use Applications on Linux:

Advanced users, feel free to use and/or contribute your favorite bash scripts here:

Bash Scripting – Learn how to automate your Linux experience!

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