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** Skiff will be ending in August and is no longer recommended **

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Online you can find GrapheneGoat lurking on the following Telegram tech channels:  (look for the correct channel, there are imposters- the correct account has approx 41k subscribers)   (another channel with lots of great tech inspiration and assistance) (great channel for day to day help with your tech issues related to GrapheneOS and Linux)


or Visit forums, I can be found at username GrapheneGoat.

and forums I can be found as GrapheneGoat as well.


** To purchase a GrapheneOS phone (Pixel Models 5-8) contact us, or visit:

Pixel 5, 6, 7 and 8 Models with GrapheneOS phones ready to ship now, vistit to purchase your Ghost phone! Use PROMO CODE: DHAC10 to receive a 10% discount.


*To purchase a GrapheneOS phone from this site, contact us, approximately one week lead time to receive your device. Only certain Pixel 6-8 models can be flashed with GrapheneOS, take the guess work out by contacting us first.

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