Spin up a Rolodex of computers like a boss! (No, not the watch, that old thing you parents had…. to store addresses and phone numbers….)

Ventoy is excellent software that allows you to create a multiple boot drive on a single USB stick or SSD drive, or even a microSD card, to boot any computers you like. Typically a boot drive with a single Operating System takes up and formats the entire USB stick or drive with that one Operating System, Ventoy allows us to use many on one storage device. Once installed and formatted, simply drag and drop Operating System .iso image type files to the Ventoy USB stick you have, and it will produce a nice menu of boot options of whatever you throw at it.

I like to keep Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Tails OS, Debian, Windows, Hirens, pfSense firewall settings, and a few others at my fingertips using a 1TB SSD drive, this allows me to boot to any of those OS’s and also have storage space for regular files and media on any remaining space that can be accessed from any of the machines I boot from. This is quite powerful to have on one drive, which is why we love Ventoy, and you will probably also enjoy!


Ventoy multi-boot USB



In order to boot to USB, you need to gain access to the BIOS or UEFI menu, here are common ways to access your BIOS/UEFI menu in order to boot to the Ventoy USB:


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