Here is the beginning of a repository of interesting BASH Scripts I either make, or find. If you would like to contribute any scripts, you can email them to me at:

These are in .odt format (LibreOffice text document, similar to Microsoft Word) or .pdf format, and can be copy/pasted into your text editor of choice. It is typical to use a ‘.sh’ for the format/ending in BASH scripts, for example, you could relabel the first script below as ‘’ when saving it. This is not required in order for it to work, it’s just common practice, almost etiquette.

1. – Updates Debian based systems and then installs a large number of common applications:

2. PDF tool installer – Installs a handful of common useful PDF view, edit and manipulation tools (Debian based systems):

Instructions: Download the file and rename to and then run the command:

sudo chmod +x

Then run it by typing:

sudo bash    or    use    sudo ./

more coming soon!

A great resource for those new to scripting, here is a great place to begin. Instead of using YouTube, you can view these and other YouTube videos using FreeTube, this serves as a proxy and hides your system information and activity from Google/Alphabet/YouTube. The .deb(x64) Debian package version, or the Flatpak version are both excellent choices to install the app on Debian based Linux systems.

Install FreeTube here – Bash Scripting on Linux (The Complete Guide)