Individualized consulting is available to provide you a head start towards greater digital privacy and security, for both your home and business. Our approach involves the full spectrum of physical and digital security to make your world a safer place. Whether you are a high risk, or high net worth individual, or someone simply interested in hardening your physical and digital situation, we enjoy helping you navigate today’s technology options.

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Digital Security

Secure phones that run GrapheneOS, a custom Android based phone that is currently the most secure, easy to use option available.

Home, Business or Travel Routers, these can be configured to your specific needs for internet speed, VPN and other privacy and security protocols.

Home Internet Firewalls, using pfSense software on a dedicated firewall box, usually a Netgate SG-1100 or a Protectli box.

Home Network design and installation.

Desktop and Laptop Computers configured for maximum privacy and security, we recommend running Linux, and offer training on how to use these hardened systems.

Hardware Tokens for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to lockdown your important online accounts.

Setup of a Password Manager to organize your entire online life in a secure fashion.

Other digital services as needed.

Access to continuous updates and follow ups as needed for existing clients.

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Physical Security

Physical Security assessments of home and workplace. Our parent company AMICK Tactical, LLC and our partners at Argus Operations, LLC perform an in depth Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) for you to identify security weak points at your home and workplace, as well as travel routes. We provide comprehensive solutions and recommendations for you to increase your safety across the entire spectrum of your life. Let us help you manage your risk, and always be a phone call away for any immediate security needs. Licensed, Armed Agents available in WA and OR states, providing discreet and highly professional protection services.

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