DHAC Level 1 Course – 22-23 April 2023

DHAC Level 1 Course – 22-23 April 2023

DHAC Level 1 Course – 22-23 April 2023

Come join us at the next DHAC course on Saturday-Sunday, 22-23 April 2023 in Auburn, WA area.

Spacious classroom with convenient and free parking, course runs from 830am-500pm on both days. This is a packed full weekend of digital privacy, security and technology information that will drastically harden your digital existence, and provoke some intense thought on where technology is today with capabilities and real world use cases. Most have been left behind on just how advanced our tech has become, catch up by attending DHAC. Cost per student is $200 to attend the two day course, and we are confident you will feel like you get your money’s worth, and then some, from this training event.

While the course itself offers an immense amount of insight into many technology topics, the great thing is that the 90% of things that you won’t remember are all explained in step by step detail on our website to revisit on your own time to further research and complete the various guides and advice covered in DHAC, with the experience of DHAC under your belt to help guide you, this should offer a ton of value to most people.

** Lastly, all DHAC attendees gain exclusive access to a lifetime of updates and collaboration opportunities within the tech space. No subscriptions, just donate if you appreciate the value you receive and help us by simply spreading the word about us.

We offer a ton of ‘shortcuts’ or digital pearls of wisdom that we’ve discovered over the years and boiled them down to the fastest, easiest, easy button solutions possible for those with busy lives that need to deploy their own instances of tech, but have many other life issues to work through in addition.

To reserve your seat, or to learn more, please visit: https://graphenegoat.com/courses/dhac/


*currently we do not have any virtual learning options available yet, however if interested in remote, virtual learning, please email us to let us know you are interested. We do offer a series of course video available for a low price that you can purchase one time and save the footage forever, these are not production value quality, but the content will still be of much interest. Reach out to us if interested in these recorded course video options until we roll out virtual training at a later date. 

Alternatively, we can travel to you anywhere in the US for large groups of 10 people or more. Contact Us for a quote, dhac@graphenegoat.com

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