You need Ventoy

You need Ventoy

Learn about how to create a USB stick that has multiple boot options. Ventoy allows the user to create a ‘Rolodex’ of computers for live use or installation on one USB drive, while still allowing remaining space to be used for normal storage, and accessible from any of the systems you boot from.

Ventoy multi-boot USB


Format the USB with Ventoy, then drag and drop .iso images to it, and any other files you need. This creates a powerful on-the-go drive packed with options. I use one on a 1TB SSD Sandisk, very efficient.

Power off your computer, insert the USB drive formatted to your liking and boot to the USB, and you will see all of the Operating Systems that you put onto it. Boot into to any of them using the up/down arrow keys:


More info on booting into BIOS / UEFI menu to access ‘Boot from USB’ option to use Ventoy:

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